Safety Standards for those who PRACTICE Aromatherapy

  • AEOTA Members who practice Aromatherapy are required to follow all applicable laws related to health care services and/or the practice of medicine in the USA.

See the AEOTA Ethics Statement
Please Read: Aromatherapy and the Law

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To Learn More:What does Certified Aromatherapist Mean?


 “one who has completed a recognized training in aromatherapy at the minimum level of 200 educational contact hours or has been recognized through a standardized exam, such as provided by the Aromatherapy Registration Council.”

  • We recognize the trademarked titles Registered Aromatherapist™ (or RA™) and endorse the public register of Aromatherapists who have demonstrated the core body of knowledge through successfully passing the examination as provided by the Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC)

  • Raindrop Technique (RDT), Aroma Touch and similar techniques which use undiluted essential oils applied to the spine are not recommended; these practices fail to meet professional criteria for the safe practice of holistic aromatherapy.

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