American Essential Oil Trade Association Safety Standards, Guidelines & Recommendations






November 2014 – Members of the AEOTA voted to expand the website for the AEOTA and add *official* Safety Standards for those who PRACTICE, basic safety guidelines for CONSUMERS, and recommendations for product LABELING. Thanks to Robert Tisserand for permission to use information including images from his book, Essential Oil Safety. A special thanks to Kayla Fioravanti, who reviewed these pages, and provided additional content from her books for our use. And last but not least, thanks to the Members of the AEOTA, whose daily encouragement, advice, and even critiques help to our new Trade Association all that it can be! Please note these standards, guidelines and recommendations will be reviewed and updated on an as needed basis.

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EOS Robert Tisserand
Essential Oil Safety, Second Edition
KFbook Kayla Kayla Fioravanti
Author and Registered Aromatherapist™