Meet Our Members

Members will be listed by Geographic Area. Every Member in Good Standing will be listed on this page.  Make sure to visit our Gold Level Member page, too!

Sue Apito Independent Consultant NYR Organic® FOUNDER
Linda Donahue BellaLuna Botanicals by PranaShanti Lotus FOUNDER
Julie Wolf Independent Consultant NYR Organic® FOUNDER
Mynou de Mey The American Institute for Aromatherapy & Herbal Studies FOUNDER
Kristin Barber Advisory Team FOUNDER
Michele Anderson, LMT Independent Consultant NYR Organic® FOUNDER
Lori Gaffney A Quiet Place of Healing FOUNDER
Kimberly Crumb Independent Consultant NYR Organic® FOUNDER
Lisa Mertz Lisa Mertz, LMT
Lisa M Abrusia
Andrea Malji Just the Essentials, llc  FOUNDER
Heidi Ricard Mountain Cottage Soaps FOUNDER
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy FOUNDER
Karen Romanchek Relaxation Station
Nyssa Hanger Upward Spiral Center
Aileen Kilfeather Aluna Aromatics, Inc. FOUNDER
Betsy Scheuer Independent Consultant NYR Organic®
Flexa Plus
Osteoarthritis - the rescue!
Nalini Johnson Arôme Botanicals FOUNDER
Karen Norland Northern Prairie Aromatherapy FOUNDER
Cheryl Mitchell Wild Game Drops FOUNDER
Connie Valenti Ola Pono Aromatherapy FOUNDER
Laura L. Kline
Colleen K. Dodt The Essential Oils Book: Creating Personal Blends for Mind & Body
Stephen L Fox The iCCCAN Project, LLC
Donna Lindsay-Goodwin Healing Hands ~ Healing Hearts
Pat White Essential Body Pleasures FOUNDER
Shelby Michalek Everything Isn’t Normal FOUNDER
Molly Kelly Aroma-Therapeutics
Manuskin Active
Cure your skin problems!
Rocky Mountains
Gretchen Hagge FOUNDER
Karel Kester
Jeanne Rose Aromatic Plant Project FOUNDER
Sarah Aguilar  FOUNDER