Martin Watt - excerpts from his website:

MartinWattFollowing herbal training, I specialised in aromatherapy and essential oils. The trade in essential oils and their chemistry was learnt while working for an essential oils importer and analyst. During that time, many trade contacts were established, and a good inside knowledge of the essential oils and aromatherapy trade.

Years have been devoted to investigating knowledge about plant medicines buried in various reference libraries. Finding scientific literature on the uses and safety issues of essential oils has been a major preoccupation. This was used to produce trade reference manuals and training materials.

I was the first in the aromatherapy trade to investigate in any depth the great importance of skin reactions to essential oils and to publish that information. Earlier aromatherapy authors treated the subject superficially, or tended to concentrate on toxicity issues. My publication ‘Plant aromatics’ was on the market for 18 years until 2010, and sold copies around the word.

My particular interest has always been in finding scientific research that supports ancient healing knowledge, or rejecting traditional knowledge when this is proven inaccurate. That rejection of unsound knowledge has often bought me into clashes with those teaching it as fact which has been common within the aromatherapy world.

All the above equipped me with an ability to judge the value or relevance of information (sorting the wheat from the chaff). Something rarely found in aromatherapy education.

I was advisor on essential oils and aromatherapy to the Institute of Complementary Medicine – UK.

I am an advisor on Education to the International Aromatherapists and Tutors Association in Canada.

In the past I taught aromatherapy classes in the USA, Canada and Korea, as well as trained visitors on private tuition courses.

Several challenging articles of mine have been published in a number of aromatherapy publications and on the Internet.

Compiled referenced research data suitable for medical professionals. Gave advice on treating leg ulcers, bed sores and infected cellulitis to a hospital in Scotland. This included the use of various essential oils and techniques for treating these problems.

Provided assistance and advice to a few aromatherapy authors and vetted training course materials.

Advised companies on product development, and on issues of legislation regarding the sale of preparations containing botanical extracts.

Co-authored the book Frankincense and Myrrh with Wanda Sellar. Now available in a kindle format. Search online for it.

Martin refuses to use social media platforms and therefore can only give advice via the owner of this site, or direct via his own site.

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