Q. What if an essential oil is just *sold* for diffusing, like scenting a room, and not for topical use or for internal use. Do the rules for making medical claims still apply? What if that essential oil is used to scent a candle, can therapeutic claims really make a candle a drug?

A. Yes. The reason is, the aroma-chemicals which enter the air, are being introduced into the body by the process of inhaling. So even a candle can be a drug if a medical claim is made about it. Perfumes with medical claims would be a drug, too. And of course, a room fragrance with therapeutic claims would be considered a drug as well.


If no medical claims are made, then the intended use determines what governmental agency regulates the product; so the perfume would be a cosmetic, and the candle or the *room fragrance* essential oil would be a household product, regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.