Ethics Statement

All potential Members must agree to the following Ethics Statement as part of their membership application:

As a Member in Good Standing of the American Essential Oil Trade Association (dba AEOTA), when and if I sell essential oils, essential oil blends and/or aromatherapy products,

  • I agree

to abide by the US Federal and/or state laws for advertising, labeling and marketing essential oils or aromatherapy products. 

  • I agree

that when providing advice to the general public, outside the confines of a one-on-one consultation, which include the sale of essential oils or aromatherapy products, I will follow all applicable laws related to health care services and/or the practice of medicine in the USA.

Proposed and agreed to by the Advisory Team, 2014. The Ethics Statement will be reviewed by a Board of Directors and add this requirement to the Bylaws in 2015. Please note, each individual member represents the business reflected on the Member Page and the Ethics Statement agreement applies to that one business ONLY. Please refer to the FAQ page: Does the FDA regulate professional practices? Everyone who applies will have their website, and all social networking sites reviewed for compliance with the Ethics Statement, especially regarding any medical claims for essential oils. Current Members in Good Standing are listed on the Meet our Members page. If it comes to our attention that anyone is identifying themselves as a Member in Good Standing whose membership has expired; is under review prior to approval; or who has been rejected, we will list them on a special Alert page.