Q. Is this an association just for people who sell essential oils?

A. No! Our members include people who sell essential oils, but also people/companies who sell aromatherapy products like soap or skincare which contain essential oils.Take soap for example; soap is either “True Soap”; or a cosmetic; or a drug. Same soap…same ingredients. The regulatory category depends on how the soap is marketed and whether any claims are made on the label or implied by the marketing. The FDA has a very helpful page all about this: Is It a Cosmetic, a Drug, or Both? (Or Is It Soap?)


AA011548And our future efforts to more clearly define or amend the claims people can make for the essential oils in their products, will benefit the person selling an individual essential oil as much as it will a person selling a soap that they wish they could advertise is helpful for acne, as opposed to the way they legally are forced to market that same soap now; using only cosmetic claims.

Our members will also include suppliers who sell products to others in the essential oil industry, and we will have advertising opportunities both on our website and in our eNewsletter. Examples might be a lab which conducts GC/MS testing of essential oils, or a supplier who sells bottles for essential oils or lotions. We hope that our advertisers will consider offering Discounts for AEOTA Members in the future as well. The key word in Trade Association is association, and our cooperative alliances will be beneficial to all of our Members.

And of course, consumers who use essential oils for personal use as well as professionals such as nurses, massage therapists and aromatherapists who use essential oils in their professional practice are key members of this trade association! Our effort to self-regulate with safety, ethics and integrity is the most important issue which we all have in common regardless of how essential oils are part of our lives!