MEMBER VOTE – Adding Safety Recommendations

AEOTA Members were asked – would you like to expand the website for the AEOTA and add *official* Safety Standard for those who PRACTICE – with recommendations based on Age, Health, etc. This would be modeled after the Aromatherapy Trade Council Member Safety Recommendations: http://www.a-t-c.org.uk/safety-matters/essential-oil-safety/ as well as basic safety advice for CONSUMERS?

Setting our own Industry Standards would not conflict with our Ethics Statement in any way, but would simply be “Essential Oil Trade” recommendations for ANYONE buying, using or selling essential oils. It could also include Recommendations for voluntary product labeling, which would mirror those recommendations made by the American Herbal Products Association. [ref. http://aeota.org/faq-product-labeling/]


The first draft of this information is currently under review and will be published as soon as possible! Thanks to the Members of the AEOTA for their participation in making this new trade association all that it can be!


PLEASE NOTE: voting will end Sunday, November 30th at midnight EST.