ARCHIVE…UPDATE – We reached out fundraising Goal on October 31, 2014.


Our fund raising Participation Categories WERE as follows:

Peppermint Level – [$12+] Thank you for planting the seed which will help get the AEOTA off the Ground! If we reach our goal, and are able to officially launch this new organization, your contribution will also serve as a Subscription to our Quarterly eNewsletter (so make sure your email address is correct). Like peppermint in the garden, with your help our idea can really take off and spread, near and far!

Lavender Level – [$60+] Lavender Essential Oil is often the first EO people start with when trying Aromatherapy, and is considered by Aromatherapists to be the most useful essential oil to have in one’s collection. Participating at the Lavender Level will be the foundation that we grow from as well. Thank you for contributing toward officially launching this new Trade Association. If we reach our goal, your contribution will also serve as your first year of Basic Membership Dues. Founding Members will receive a subscription to the Quarterly eNewsletter and be listed on the Trade Association website as a Founding Member. OCT. 28 – NEW – Basic Members will have the option of a text link to their website or Facebook page!*

Frankincense “Gold” Level – [$120+] Frankincense, often referred to as *more valuable than gold*; people participating at the Frankincense Level are not just valuable to our new organization, they are critical. Your participation at the Frankincense Level will allow us to build on the past, while we move forward into the future. We will align with other professional organizations worldwide to promote the safe use of essential oils and actively work to self-regulate the essential oil industry in the USA. If we reach our goal, your contribution will serve as both your first year of Basic Membership with all of the Benefits of being a Founding Member, and the opportunity to have a graphic ad* on our Gold Level page with a link to your website or Facebook Business Page. [*Button Ad, 180 x 150 pixels, includes free design services] OCT. 28 – NEW – Gold Sponsors will have the opportunity for two links on the Gold Sponsor page, their optional Ad Graphic linked and a text link AND we have increased the Gold Ad Sponsor Link Graphic to 180 by 150 pixels.*

Rose “Donor” Level – [$500+] We’ve named this Participation Level  the Rose Level. Our Fund Raising Donors will receive special acknowledgement both online and in our eNewsletter, and will have increased advertising opportunities.

* INDIEGOGO does not permit editing of Perks on the fundraising website so these updates are not listed there.



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ARCHIVE – Timeline


STEP TWO – Fund Raising Goal of $1,000 MET – 10/9:

  • List Founding Participants on the Website [Lavender/Frankincense/Rose Level] – UPDATED DAILY
  • Start the process of deciding which six essential oils to submit for FDA approval – TBD
  • Invite a Team of Advisers from Founding Participants – IN PROGRESS
  • Obtain PO Box and Checking Account for dba AEOTA - DONE

STEP THREE – Fund Raising Goal of $4,000 – FULL LAUNCH  MET – 10/31:


  • Continue the process of getting certain essential oils FDA approved into the corresponding OTC monograph
  • Create open source “Drug Facts” safety information for any essential oils which are FDA approved
  • Promote Industry Standards for the sales of essential oils with proper Safety information
  • Promote Members who have taken the AEOTA Pledge
  • Align with others in the Essential Oil Trade, world-wide, to promote the safe, ethical and scientifically proven uses
  • Educating the public about dangerous and illegal claims for essential oils and aromatherapy products
  • Encourage education in the safe and effective use of essential oils and promote proper Education for salespeople
  • Draft Bylaws
  • Appoint a Board of Directors [formerly known as Team of Advisers]
  • Incorporate as a non-profit