STEP TWO – Fund Raising Goal of $1,000 MET – 10/9:

  • List Founding Participants on the Website [Lavender/Frankincense/Rose Level] – UPDATED DAILY
  • Start the process of deciding which six essential oils to submit for FDA approval – TBD
  • Invite a Team of Advisers from Founding Participants – IN PROGRESS
  • Obtain PO Box and Checking Account for dba AEOTA - DONE

STEP THREE – Fund Raising Goal of $4,000 – FULL LAUNCH  MET – 10/31:


  • Continue the process of getting certain essential oils FDA approved into the corresponding OTC monograph
  • Create open source “Drug Facts” safety information for any essential oils which are FDA approved
  • Promote Industry Standards for the sales of essential oils with proper Safety information
  • Promote Members who have taken the AEOTA Pledge
  • Align with others in the Essential Oil Trade, world-wide, to promote the safe, ethical and scientifically proven uses
  • Educating the public about dangerous and illegal claims for essential oils and aromatherapy products
  • Encourage education in the safe and effective use of essential oils and promote proper Education for salespeople
  • Draft Bylaws
  • Appoint a Board of Directors [formerly known as Team of Advisers]
  • Incorporate as a non-profit