About Us

The American Essential Oil Trade Association Incorporated is a nonprofit business league, also known as a Trade Association. We officially launched on November 1, 2014 after three weeks of fundraising – many thanks to our Founding Contributors!

Our Mission is to promote the safe and legal sale of essential oils and aromatherapy products in the USA, and to work to positively influence the regulatory environment affecting the essential oil and aromatherapy product industry by demonstrating pro-active and effective self-regulation standards; focusing on ethics, safety, and integrity.

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Ethics – our Members abide by laws for advertising, labeling and marketing
Safety – our Members follow applicable laws related to health care services
Integrity – improving the Trade through honest and truthful product representation

Anyone who would like to show their support for our Mission, is free to download a “Link Back” Graphic with permission, as long as the Graphic links to our website – www.aeota.org and we ask that it not be resized changed in any way:


We have a separate Member “Seal of Approval” graphic which will be sent to each Member in Good Standing when their application is approved. This Seal indicates that the person whose website displays this graphic, met the requirements of membership at the time of application. This seal is not guarantee or a product endorsement. The public should always check to make sure the website displaying this Member Seal, is also listed on our AEOTA Member webpage. Each individual member represents the business reflected on the Member Page and the Ethics Statement agreement applies to that one business ONLY.


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Not on Facebook? Email Admin@aeota.org

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