Aromatherapy United

The American Essential Oil Trade Association grew out of the original committee of volunteers who started Aromatherapy United.


  • Business League, not for profit organization;
  • develop standards for self-regulation;
  • promote the safe and legal sale of essential oils and aromatherapy products;
  • positively influence the regulatory environment affecting the essential oil and aromatherapy product industry;
  • focus on ethics, safety, and integrity among those in the trade.

Aromatherapy United

  • Consumer advocacy;
  • educate consumers about the safe and appropriate use of essential oils;
  • support collecting data on injuries and adverse effects.

Effective March 2015, Aromatherapy United is officially a “project” of the AEOTA. Both websites will accept contributions. This way, the public who may not be eligible or qualified to be Members in Good Standing of the AEOTA, can contribute to the association as well as to the costs of hosting the Aromatherapy United website.

Payments are processed through the AEOTA PayPal account and will be added to the general fund for expenses of running AEOTA, and the in the future, the Board of Directors will determine the amount of financial support which will be used for the Aromatherapy United project. Contributors of $250 or more, may be listed on the Aromatherapy United website as Sponsors (optional).